Crossword Quiz Games Answers 8

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1. Short term for cooperative gameplay mode answers: co op
1. Shortcuts in achieveing the final goal in video games answers: cheats
2. computer answers: PC
3. The possible fate or destiny of a mortal kombat opponent answers: fatality
4. The number of legs you and your partner become in this legged race answers: three
5. This videogame character from the 90s was mutated by an invention called the Evolvo-ray answers: crash
6. …. 10 a card game involving 10 different objectives answers: phase
6. candy stick and ball answers: pin ball
7. Game in which players answers trivia questions about films and or pop culture answers: scene it
8. table chip dice answers: craps
9. Attribute assigned to characters in a RPG that indicate their power to use special abilities answers: mana
10. ace fight ace answers: war
11. X-O-X line in tic tac toe e.g answers: lose